Turquoise Scarab

This scarab dates from the New Kingdom (1515-1080 BC). Turquoise was associated with Hathor, the goddess of the sky, and she was considered the patron deity of the turquoise mines in the Sinai. Ancient Egyptians mined their turquoise at a mountain called Serabit el Khadem. It was a long and difficult journey to reach the Sinai, so turquoise was rare, and highly prized. Turquoise varies in color from sky blue to green, depending on the amount of iron and copper it contains.

The 18″ necklace was created from modern turquoise strung with handmade 22-karat gold beads. The process of forming the beads is time-consuming and error prone. Each bead is created from 22K gold sheet that must be cut into strips, fused or soldered into a tube that is then sawed into individual beads and then formed by flaring each end of the tube.