Green Jasper Scarab

Jasper is an opaque type of chalcedony that incorporates other materials that give it colors, usually red, yellow, brown or green. This scarab has been dated to the 12th-17th Dynasties (1991-1551 BC). Although considered common today, jasper was highly valued in antiquity. This deep green scaraboid is beautifully carved and polished, showing little signs of wear. It has been mounted in 18K gold to protect it from damage.

The 18″ necklace is constructed of emeralds, blue sapphires and hand-fabricated 22K gold beads. Emeralds symbolized fertility and life to the ancient Egyptians, who had been mining emeralds at Sikait and Zabara (near Aswan) from at least 2000 B.C. Nearly all of the emeralds known to the ancients came from here. The emeralds in this necklace are modern emeralds, with natural blue sapphires chosen to evoke the blue water of the Nile.