Middle Kingdom Amethyst Scarab

This lovely scarab can be reliably dated to the Middle Kingdom (2040-1715 BC), before the amethyst mines at Wadi el Yahudi played out. Amethysts were highly treasured in antiquity, and the signs of wear indicate that it was likely passed down from generation to generation. You can still discern the delicate carved details of the beetle’s anatomy when you look at it closely. Amethyst scarabs are much sought after for their beauty and rarity.

The scarab is mounted in 18K gold to provide sufficient stability so that it can be worn without damaging the ancient stone. The 18″ necklace uses modern 22K gold and natural sapphire beads, which were chosen to complement the luminous lilac glow of the stone. Sapphires are second in hardness only to diamonds, and occur naturally in a wide range of colors.